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is a creative platform for creating high-quality visual content. We work with projects of any format - from classic TV advertising to experimental commercials. We meet deadlines and stay within budget. We are ready to take over all stages of production!
We will conduct brand analytics, think over a strategy for promoting the product, write a director's script for the video.
We will organize a casting, select locations, costumes and scenery. We will provide everything you need for the filming process.
Commercial, music video or short film - we shoot videos of any genre and duration.
Editing and color correction, 2D and 3D animation, voice acting, music selection or writing - entrust all this to our creative team.
Need photos for an account, website or catalog? We will conduct a photo session in a studio or other location.
We will develop infographics of any level of complexity - from diagrams and illustrations to animated videos.

Large video&photo studio

The pavilion has everything you need for productive work: lighting equipment, microphones and cameras, a separate recording studio, a dressing room and a relaxation area.
full circle studio
The Amaze Studio team consists of experienced creators, designers, cameramen, directors and other narrow specialists. Therefore, we are fully responsible for the work on the project - from the creation of an idea to its implementation.
To shoot a video "on your own", you will have to hire specialists, rent a room and equipment. It is much more profitable - both in terms of time and price - to entrust your idea to Amaze Studio!

Samples of Our Work


OBJECTIVE: to make a promotional video for advertising the MIKING electronic cigarette brand in the Russian Federation.

FEATURES OF IMPLEMENTATION: we had to tell about the large assortment of the brand without words - through dance, bright colors and visual images that would evoke understandable taste associations in the viewer. And we succeeded: from the first to the last second, the video holds attention, presents the product in an accessible and attractive way.
promotional video for manufacturer electronic cigarette
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CUSTOMER: "Regional Development" Public Union and UNICEF Azerbaijan.

TASK: to draw attention to the problems of people with disabilities, to change the attitude of society towards people with rare incurable diseases.

IMPLEMENTATION FEATURES: this social video "The World's Shortest Film" was shot as part of the "Inclusive Education" project organized by AMAZE Group with the financial support of the European Union, the "Regional Development" Public Union and UNICEF. The video has collected thousands of views and hundreds of grateful comments from caring people in a short time on YouTube.
CUSTOMER: Shamakhi Palace Sharadil Hotel.

TASK: to show the advantages of the Shamakhi Palace Sharadil hotel for families.

IMPLEMENTATION FEATURES: a one-minute presentation video tells about one day that a young family spends at the Shamakhi Palace Sharadil hotel. The viewer learns about the developed infrastructure of the hotel and high-class service through convincing images of beautiful nature, pleasant rest - together with the child and alone. So there is a desire to also come to this hotel and spend time with pleasure.
CUSTOMER: "Regional Development" Public Union and UNICEF Azerbaijan.

TASK: to talk about the benefits of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) portal for new parents.

IMPLEMENTATION FEATURES: this portal created within the framework of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) project implemented by the Regional Development Public Union and UNICEF Azerbaijan with the financial support of the European Union provides parents on development, health, nutrition, education, etc. in Azerbaijan. The one-minute promotional video is visual and accessible, explaining how the portal helps families in their daily lives.
CUSTOMER: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UN Women.

TASK: draw attention to issues of gender equality, equal distribution of household and parental responsibilities.

IMPLEMENTATION FEATURES: The social video "Caring Father, Responsible Companion", filmed as part of the EU for Gender Equality: Promoting Responsible Fatherhood project, raises an important topic through positive images. A happy family in which the father does not limit himself to earning money and happily participates in the lives of his loved ones is the best example to follow!
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